You Doo Dolls
Uses: Control of others' motions and speech
Powered by: Fairy Magic
Additional Information
Owned by:
  Godparents and Godchildren
Production Information
First Appearance:
  You Doo!
Last Appearance:
  You Doo!

You Doo Dolls are magical voodoo dolls that fairies were apparently allowed to give to children at one time. However, this practice was stopped because they were discovered to be very dangerous.


You Doo Dolls are a parody of Voodoo Dolls. These magical dolls are a likeness of actual people in Dimmsdale. When they are manipulated, the person performs the action affected to the doll, it can also be used to force the person to say things against their will, and if the doll is destroyed, the person it depicts will be killed.


In the episode, "You Doo", Cosmo reveals the existence of these magical dolls to Timmy much to the chagrin of Wanda. Timmy, however, wishes one up for Francis and soon begins tormenting him. Finally after wishing up a whole bunch of You Doo Dolls for everyone Timmy knew, and after having Tootie and Francis use the You Doo doll of Timmy that Cosmo poofed up, it becomes clear that these dolls are indeed very dangerous. After almost getting killed, when Timmy's You Doo doll fell into a woodchipper and was nearly cut to pieces, Timmy had wished all of the dolls away.


Cosmo with a Wanda You Doo doll


Several dolls can be seen for different characters, these are all of them:

Timmy was also able to manipulate Veronica, Tad, and Chad, even though these dolls were not depicted in the suitcase that held the dolls.

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