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Wanda: (affected by magic) Eh, but what the heck do I know? In fact, wish up a whole boxful of You Doo dolls... and let's wish up more pudding for Cosmo and dance! I'm a nag, let's do the nag dance! (magic affecting her, dancing) You nag it to the left! You nag it to the right! I always nag my husband all day and night!

(Tootie finds Timmy's You Doo doll)
Tootie: Oh my gosh, are my Timmy based dreams coming true? They are! They are coming true! An orthodontically correct Timmy doll! [looks up at sky] Thank you! Now, to play my favorite game...
(cut to cafeteria)
Trixie: Oh Timmy, now that we've finally spent some quality time together, I've realized how funny and cool you are.
Timmy: Trixie, there is something I've always wanted to say to you. [You Doo magic affects him] I love Tootie, she's smart, she's funny, and she's so much prettier than anyone. Especially...
(Outside, Tootie is speaking through Timmy's You Doo doll)
Tootie: ...that icky yucky Trixie!
(Trixie angrily leaves and throws a bowl of soup on Timmy's head)

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