Yak in the Box
City: Dimmsdale
State: California
Country: United States
World: Earth
Additional Information
  Between 1950-2000
Owned By:
  Grandpa Vlad
Grandma Gladys
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Timmy Turnip
Last Appearance:
  Timmy Turnip

Yak in the Box is a fast food restaurant that was opened by Grandma Gladys and Grandpa Vlad when they first came to America fifty years ago. Yak in the Box is a parody of an actual restaurant chain in the United States, Jack in the Box.


This fast food style restaurant serves Yak meat. They also give out toys with their meals called "Yak-tion figures", a parody of and a pun on "action figures", that are just purple yaks that moo when their tail is pulled. Timmy declares that only a crazy person would eat there and sure enough, Crocker is seen in the drive-thru, gleefully going wild ordering everything. Actually, this restaurant is very successful and has made its owners, Timmy's grandparents (on his mother's side), very wealthy.

Since 50 years ago from today would be the early 1960s, the likely timeframe for the founding of Yak in the Box would be from the mid 60's to 1970, order for Vlad and Gladys to build up a sizeable fortune.


The building is a small square structure resembling a Jack in the Box toy but with a Yak's head coming out of the building. It has a drive thru on the side, which drivers speak through a yak-shaped intercom box to place their order.

Vlad carved a prototype for his restaurant's visual design out of a turnip 50 years ago.



  • The name is a parody of the Jack in the Box restaurant chain.
  • Vlad built a prototype of the visual design for his restaurant out of a turnip.
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