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Timmy: You two aren't going anywhere until you go back to the car wash so Poof can come back!
Cosmo/Wanda: What's a Poof?
Timmy: Duh, he's your baby!
Wanda: Agh! A baby?!
Cosmo: We're not even married, yo, and she's not my type. I like her with a little more swirl in the curl.
Timmy: You guys go back through that car wash, or else...
Cosmo/Wanda: Or else, what?
Timmy: Or else, I'll take away your skateboard (skateboard Timmy's face), Okay, then I'll take away your music.
Wanda: Here. (drops earplugs and poofs new ones) We needed new ones anyway.
Timmy: Wow. You're good at the "Or I'll" game.
Cosmo/Wanda: Later!

Mrs. Turner: You win this round, Striker Z!

Timmy: They must be here somewhere.

Timmy: Wait! Reverse psychology beats youth rebelry!

Mr. Turner: I think we should see other people.

Mr. Turner: Gentlemen, we have a ring to destroy! [rips off clothes]

Mr. Turner: Did you say to wash my car?
Timmy: Ehm.. No.
Mr. Turner: Great!

Mr. Turner: Go dad! Cake 'N' Bacon! Go dad!

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