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Part 1: The Big Beginning

(the opening credits, and after that, where in the scene when Timmy is doing his trilogy wishes)

Timmy: I'm the one.

(He does amazing stunts)

Mr. Crocker: He's the one.

(Crocker follow him, starting the shut Timmy)

Mr. Crocker: There's no escaping, Mr. Turner.

Mr. Crocker (1# clone): There's no escaping, Mr. Turner.

Mr. Crocker (2# clone): I already said that.

Mr. Crocker: No, I said.

Mr. Crocker (1# clone): Are we gorgeous or what?

Mr. Crockers: (together) There's no escaping the world's most gorgeous army, Mr. Turner.

(Timmy jumping in fin air, and going around three times)

Timmy: Uh, we're still spinning.

(And Timmy fell down and hit a car)

Timmy: Yes! Nobody defeats Teo, master of the martial arts. Ha Ha! Hoo Hoo!

(They start shouting Timmy, again)

Timmy: Ooh.

(He start running, in slow monaching, and cut with Cosmo, Wanda and Poof)

Cosmo: All right, Timmy! You may always be chosen last at school for kickball or as lab partner.

Wanda: But in your Trilogy wishes, you're always the chosen one.

(Back with Timmy, and they stopped at a restaurant, and Mr. Crocker add more clones of him)

Timmy: Hey, you guys look hungry. You want sweet-and-sour pork or... (he hit them with his power) Kapow!

Mr. Crockers: No, thanks. we're allergic to MSG.

(they got hit, and he clone more of him, Timmy runs away from then)

(Back to them, Wanda calls Timmy)

Wanda: Timmy, get the ring. Get the ring!

(Back at Timmy, again, Timmy say Telephone poll and answer it)

Timmy: Get me a new Trilogy wish. This one's not fun anymore.

Mr. Crockers: What? We're totally fun. 'Cause fun starts with "F."

(They throw Fs at him and going into the next trilogy wish)

Timmy: Cool. I'm in middle-earth.

(Cosmo, Wanda and Poof comes in)

Wanda: Here you go, chosen one. One ring to rule them all.

Timmy: Wait, that's a teething ring.

Wanda: Oh, sorry. Poof's teething.

Timmy: Yeah, I know.

(Timmy give teething ring to Poof)

Wanda: Here you go, One ring to rule--

Timmy: This is an onion ring!

Cosmo: Oh, that's mine.

(he attack Timmy, and he rubing the onion ring in his head)

Cosmo: Precious... and delicious.

Wanda: Oh, I know I've got that freaky ring somewhere. (She found it, from her hand) Oh, here it is.

(She give the ring slowing, and they going to the volcano)

Wanda: Only the chosen on can take this ring and drop it into the fire of Dark Mount Gloom.

(She toke a bit)

Timmy: What? Are you telling us this mountain is chocolate?

Wanda: Dark Chocolate.

Wanda: What? Can't I have some fun on these wishes?

(They made it to the top, they go blow away from the wind)

Cosmo: Timmy, throw the ring in the lava!

(Timmy walks to the lava and throw the ring in it, and the wind the sun comes up)

Timmy: You said it, Mickey. Seriously, how about we have a little bit more action in my next chosen one mega action trilogy wish?

Wanda: You got it.

(They going Timmy's third trilogy wish)

Timmy: WHOO HOO!


Timmy: I'm chosen one magic wizard boy Timmy Totter, and I'm playing Pooferscoop.

(Timmy follow Poof)

Cosmo: Timmy Totter? I prefer tater totters.

(Cosmo hit that building)

Cosmo: Ah!

(Wanda toke a bit on her broomstick)

Wanda: Oh, you've got to try this pretzel broomstick.

Timmy: That does it. I'm not making any more wishes before breakfast.

(Timmy got zapped)

Wanda: Oh, No! It's the ultimate bad, nasty wizard, Moldywart.

Vicky: It's not Moldy, but it is indeed a wart. (Laughing)

Cosmo: Timmy, before you guys get destroyed, can you wish me up some ketchup for the tots?

(Than Vicky zapped the building throw and her head pops out throw that hole)

Vicky: Ha Ha! Here's Moldy.

Both: (Screams)

(They start flying again, and Jorgen comes in)

Jorgen: TURNER!

(He did arid of Vicky)

Jorgen: STOP!

Timmy: Cool, Jorgen got rid of Moldywart, and now We can scoop the poof.

(He start chasing Poof, again. Then Jorgen give rid of Cosmo and Wanda. Then finally Timmy got it)

Timmy: Yes!

(The Jorgen give rid of Poof, too)

Timmy: Poof? Have, what gives? I'm playing a game here!

Jorgen: The Fun times are over. This is not a game. Remain the shadows. Do not speak your name!

Timmy: Uh, you're freaking me out here, dude.

(And Jorgen send Timmy falling)

Timmy: (Screaming)

(And he landed at his house)

Part 2: The Exciting Middle Part

Lead Eliminator: Into the darkness, Timmy Turner. You have no magic, you have no weapons, and you have no actions.

Part 3: The Final Ending

(Back with Timmy and the others)

Cosmo: -AAH! The Earth has been turned into metal with an Evil Face on it!

Wanda: And there's no magic left in the universe to stop him or the Darkness.

(Poof start cry, but Timmy huge him and he feel better)

Timmy: Don't worry, guys. We're still together, and there is still magic left in the universe.

Wanda: You mean the magic of a child's smile?

Timmy: Eh, no. I mean the magic of the wand on the Blue Moon of Vegon, which is just sitting there waiting for us to use it. Now, hang on.

(WHOOSH! The MERF probe shoots across space and warps into a LIGHT SPEED PORTAL)

(At Blue Moon)

(They went too fast and they bunp the wand and crashed)

Cosmo: Great Landing! Let's doing again!

Wanda: Okay, Chosen One, what the operation called this time?

Timmy: I call it Operation grab this wand, and figure out how it works, then drag it back to Earth, use it's magic to crush the Destructinator and then blast Darkness with it.

Cosmo: Good Plan!

???: Except it won't work.

All: Turbo Thunder?!

Cosmo: Wow, you really let yourself go.

Turbo Thunder: Yes, it is I, Turbo Thunder. Registered TradeMark and original Chosen One. Thunderwear sold separately. And if you want to know how that wand works, we must work together.

Timmy: Well Forget it. You had your chance and you left me on Thunder World to get sucked up by the Darkness! So stand back - I'm taking this peppy meal to go!

(Timmy grabs the shaft of the wand and pulls - <HUMPH!)

Timmy: Peppy meal's not budging!

Turbo Thunder: It's not suppose to budge. It suppose to light our way.

Wanda: How did you know?

Turbo Thunder: Because after the Rock Guardian flick me over like a chosen booger. I realize how alone in the universe I was.

(Then his suit cracked and breaks into pieces, and then he cries and two tears land on a little rock)

Turbo Thunder: Then I've made a friend. Literary, I've made it.The I made a rock Lunch, which didn't really work out. But it was Rocky's smile that comforted my lonely nights here and made me understand what's important in life... Honor... Humility, and the most important thing of all.

Wanda: How the wand works?

Turbo Thunder: No, Lunch. Do you have anything to eat that's not Rock-Based?

Timmy: Show us how the wand works?

(He grabs Timmy, walks away from the wand and places him on two "T's" in front of the wand Suddenly the moon starts to turn and the glowing beginnings of a sunrise appear on the rocky horizon.ON TIMMY: he stands next to Turbo Thunder. TT puts a hand on Timmy's shoulder as a yellow glow comes over Timmy.REVERSE ON: the crater lowers into an Oz type wonderland with fairy wand fields, LUSH FORESTS, VINES and a TRAINING DOME. Birds fly and streams gurgle. It's paradise.)

Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda and Turbo Thunder: (Gasp)

Timmy: Phew. One down, one to go.

Polar Bear: I have been waiting for you.

Timmy: A talking Polar Bear? You must be the Guardian of the Ice Wand. What do I have to do to prove I'm the chosen one?

Polar Bear: Are you the Chosen One?

Timmy: Yep.

Polar Bear: Oh, works for me, beaver boy. (clears throat) "From outer moons to distant suns, the Ice Wands grows for the Chosen One."

(Than Ice Wand just appear and Others just comes in)

Wanda: Timmy, you're okay.

Jorgen: And you guys found the final wand, which is really big, like my ears. I just heard a fly break wind in Africa.

(Jorgen now had small ears)

Turbo Thunder: Quick, Timmy, clap twice so the Ice Wand, can join the wands of fire and wind. and Destory the Darkness.

Timmy: No.

Everyone: Uh?

Jorgen: "No!?" What do you mean "no"? You heard Turbo Thunder, unite the wands and truelly, it'll be fun.

Timmy: But it's not attacking. Jorgen, in ancient times, did The Darkness ever attack Fairy World, or fairies so scared when they saw it, they'd panicked and attacked first?

Jorgen: Come on. That is crazy talk about something that happened a long time ago. But, yes, that's pretty much how it went down.

Timmy: And Turbo Thunder, what did The darkness do to Wonder World when it Arrived?

Turbo Thunder: Well, It was really scary-- And big. Yeah, it was really scary and big-- Real big-- Uh... Did I say it was scary?

Timmy: And?

Turbo Thunder: We panicked and blasted it with wonder rockets.

Wanda: But what about the prophecy? Its saids you suppose to unite the wands and blast the magic into the Darkness.

Timmy: We are gonna unite the wands and blast the magic into The Darkness. We just have to add some extra wands and a little Poof magic.

Everyone: Aw...

Timmy: I wish there were Ice Wands on all the Planets in the Solar System.

(All the Fairies put The Ice Wands in the Solar system)

Jorgen: Okay. The Planets are all Wanded up. So what is your plan?!

Timmy: No rockets, or bombs, or anything vile, but to light the Darkness with a big celestia smile! (Does a Thunder Clap) I wish we were all back in Dimmsdale. 

(All the wands come together to light the Darkness) 

(Back on Earth) 

Cosmo: Look! The Darkness is not so dark anymore its... The Yellowness!

Wanda: Now wonder the Darkness was always after you, Timmy. You were the only one who has blasted anything nice into it.

Jorgen: You did it, Turner! You've turned The Darkness into The Kindness!

Cupid: Yeah and WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!!?

(Then a object crashed and out came the Eliminator)

Wanda: It's the Eliminator!

Eliminator: Must-- Hug Timmy Turner!

(He give him a hug)

Cosmo: Nope. It's the Hug-inator.

Huginator: I had some else for you.

(The he gets A.J and Chester out if the vortex mouth)

A.J.: Timmy, you save us.

Chester: Dude, you totally rock.

Dark Laser: Man, it was Dark in there. And I'm Dark Laser.

Mark: Turner! You did it! Do not take this the wrong way, but-- I love You! How about now? Want to make out now?

(Vicky hit him, again)

Wanda: Okay, is that it?

(Then Trixie gets out)

Timmy: Trixie!

Trixie: Timmy!

(As he runs to kiss Trixie, his dad gets in front of him)

Mr. Turner: You save us! Oh-Oh-Oh! And excellent Man-smooch, Chosen Son.

Mrs. Turner: Hey! How about a Mom-smooch?

Wanda: Okay, that's got to be it.

(Then, Mark's parents came out)

Mark: Mother! Father!

King Gripullon Chang: Give us a squid-smooch, son.

Timmy: Turbo Thunder, are you okay?

Turbo Thunder: Oh, Timmy, I just wish I could once again Turbo-smooch-- my Parents?

(Then his parents came out as well)

Turbo Thunder: Mommy? Dad!

Both: Pippy!

Turbo's Dad: It's great to be a family again.

Wanda: Now we have everybody.

Timmy: The Darkness was never looking for trouble in the universe, it was just looking for friends!

Kindness: Friends!

Wanda: And Finally, the Universe is safe again.

(FLOWERS rain down out of the Darkness onto Earth. Suddenly we hear a big CRASH - two giant feet land)

Timmy: What are you guys doing here?

Timmy turns to see all the Wand Guardians together. The Huge Vegon Rock Beast, the talking polar bear, Kiss and Elders!

the Elders: We should, like, party. 

(At Fairy World, the throw a biggest Party ever)

Jorgen: Here is to the Best chosen one ever!

Timmy: And Finally, the best kiss ever.

Jorgen: You do realize, after this Party, I'm erasing everyone's memory, and you'll go to being The Not-Chosen, Buck-Toothed Loser boy. Oh, and that was the best kiss ever.

Timmy: Yeah, that figures. But at least I don'y have find any more Wands.

(At The cave of destiny)

(Burned in the wall of the cave is THE FINAL PROPHECY - it flames then settles into black writing. A picture of the chosen one with his arms out and the smiling Darkness above him. Then we pan over as the music gets ominous to a new drawing. It's the Destructonator - he's coming back! pull wide to see Cosmo with the chalk)

Cosmo: Just kidding. Ahh! Brain Freeze!

(Then Piles of Rocks land on Cosmo)