The Fairly OddParents: Wishology!
DVD cover
Release Date June 3, 2011
Season 6
Running Time 180 minutes
Rating (US) TV-G (Canada) PG
Format NTSC
Audio English

The Wishology! (DVD) is a DVD disc set for the television movie "Wishology!". It features all three parts of Wishology! It was released on June 3, 2011. 

Official summary

This is the official summary from the back of the DVD:

First there was The Lord of the Rings. Then came Star Wars. The world's wish for another epic masterpiece has finally come to pass with the Fairly OddParents trilogy "Wishology!" it's the three-part tale of how a hero-prophesized to don a pink hat and have buck teeth and whose initials are "T.T."-must take on a bunch of evil robots and the ultimate evil: the darkness. Guest starring the likes of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS, Patrick Warburton, and Brendan Fraser, this legend will keep you glued to your seat, as Timmy Turner must figure out how to save the world-without the help of his fairy godparents!



Title card # Title Original airdate
"Wishology!" May 1–3, 2009
 Robots known as the Eliminators appear in Timmy's hometown Dimmsdale to destroy the "chosen one", Timmy himself. Because of this, Jorgen von Strangle, a muscular fairy without wings and with an oversized wand, takes him to the Cave of Destiny in Fairy World, where he explains a legend inscribed in the rock about the ancient fairy warriors who fought the Eliminators and their master, a giant black hole called the Darkness. To defeat the Darkness and the Eliminators, Timmy must retrieve and use three special wands: the white wand at the Middle-Aged Rock Festival (M.A.R.F.) in Las Vegas, Nevada, the second wand at the Blue Moon in space, and the ice wand in the Earth's north polar region.
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