Timmy Turner: "Do I have to remind you that you lost your ENTIRE planet to that thing, and YOU read the prophecy!? Now, are you a man or a mouse?!"
Mark Chang: [twirls his Fake-i-fier around, taking a mouse form] "Like, squeak?"

Vicky: [Crying after Timmy sacrifices himself to the Darkness] "I'll never call him a twerp again!"
Mark Chang: [approaching Vicky wrapping his tentacles around her] "There, there Vicky, let me hold you and comfort you and make out with you! [Vicky elbows Mark in his stomach] Ugh, I lack air!"

Mark Chang: "Yo, 'Rental units. I like had to come up to pick up a new fake-i-fier because my old one's on the fritz and only turns me into lady's foot wear". [Mark, then, twirls his fake-i-fier and becomes a flat and then a high heel]
Queen Jipjorrulac: "Ohh, nice pump."

Dark Laser: [pointing to the rocket ship Jorgen poofed up] "That's big. Are you sure you can fly it?"
Jorgen Von Strangle: "Does THIS answer your question?" [pushes the rocket's remote control button which launches it without anyone on board]
Mr. Turner: "Uh, we probably should have been on that."

The Darkness: "Return to me now."
Head Eliminator: "I will NOT return. You cannot make me." [fires into the Darkness, which makes it cringe]
The Darkness: "But I can UNmake you!" [blasts an energy beam at the Eliminator, blowing it apart]

The Darkness: "Timmy Turner is NOT to be eliminated."
Eliminator One: "Right. TOTALLY clear on that."
Eliminator Two: "Timmy Turno NO eliminato."
The Darkness: "Find Timmy Turner and bring him to me!"

A.J.: "Timmy, you SAVED us."
Chester: "Dude, you TOTALLY rock!"

Trixie Tang: "Timmy!!...How's my hair?"
Timmy: "Perfect."
[Trixie and Timmy kiss]

Crowd of Fairies: "Chosen one! Chosen one!"

Mark: [Flying away from Yugopotamia] "Can like anybody save ussssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????"

Cosmo: "Don't touch my weenies! That could be a new catchphrase!"

Cosmo: "Must. Eliminate. Weenies."

Timmy: "The Darkness is back!" [Twitches and faints]

Timmy: "Hey Trixie!"
Trixie: "AHH! Help me! Police!"

Mark: "It says the second wand is on the dark side of the blue moon!"

Eliminators: "Eliminate Timmy Turner!"

Trixie: "Aliens, yeah right! What are you going to show us next, Fairies?"

Vicky: "Money, money, money!"

Timmy: "Get the cash machine [Throws it inside Dark Laser's spaceship] good girl!"

Vicky: "May the Forks be with - " [She gets frozen]

Vicky: "WHO, WHAT, WHERE?"
Dark Laser: "FLIPSIE!"
Crocker: "FAIRIES!!"

The Darkness: "Must have Timmy Turner."

Cupid: "Look, up in the sky. It's the chosen one! Hi!"

Jorgen: "Worst. Chosen one. Ever."

Head Eliminator: "You're going down!"
Timmy: "Actually, I'm going up!"

Vicky: "Not even my cold, dark heart can resist the joy of a baby's smile!"

Jorgen: [transformed into Timmy] "Hello, I am Timmy Turner! Look how stupid I am!"

Juandissimo: "Wanda, I'm sorry about your loss! Wanna make out?"

Timmy: "I. am. not. an. alien!"

Crocker: "Word to the wise, don't wipe with cactus."

Wanda: "Did Cosmo just figure this whole thing out?"

Turbo Thunder: "What?! I'm Turbo Thunder! You can't ban Turbo Thunder from- [vanishes]"

Mark: "Trust them! For they live in a sewer!"

Mr. Turner: "Bad, bad weenies!"

Timmy's friends: "Welcome back, Timmy!"

Cupid: "The Eliminators are back."

Mark: "Dude, I don't think it digs the funk."

Timmy: "Then lets see if it can rock and rollerskate."

Timmy: "Now lets see how he likes my weenies. Not the catchphrase I was looking for, but WHIP THE WEENIES!!"

Eliminators: [Singing after being rebuilt with boombox and roller skates] "Get Timmy! Get Timmy Turner! Get Timmy Turner! Get Timmy Turner! Get Timmy Turner!"

Crocker: "Tell me you have fairies and we have a deal!"

TooYube character: "I'm Fart Blazer! I'm Fart Blazer! Pull my finger!"
Kids: "It's Fart Blazer from TooYube!"

Vicky: "Money! Money! Money!"
Timmy: "Get the cash machine, Vicky! Get it, girl!"

Eliminators: "GET THE CHOSEN ONE!!"

Dark Laser: "I got blankets, a thermal refuge barrel, some earmuffs and my ex-wife's fur coat."

Vicky: "Pass me the menu. Help me, twerp. You're my only hope."

Dark Laser: "Here. Use the forks!"

Crocker: "I think it's time for you to chill out with my FAIRY FREEZER! Did I say my fairy freezer? I mean your fairy freezer, which looks fabulous on you."
Dark Laser: "HAH! YOU ARE NO MATCH FOR THE POWERS OF MY LIGHTSTICK! I mean your lightstick, which looks good on you."

Rock Guardian: "Who goes there?!! Before this wand you can possess, you must pass the chosen test."

Timmy's Dad: "WHAT DOES IT WANT?!!"
The Darkness: "TIMMY TURNER!!"

Dark Laser: "That's big. Are you sure you can fly it?!!"

Timmy: Stop! If you fire, he'll absorb the weapons and use it against you!
MERF Agent: What do you know? You're just a kid without any hair on your body.
MERF Agent: Okay. If you say so and FIRE!!
Destructinator: The chosen one had fled his world and with magic there's nothing stopping me from making it my world!
Robofied humans: We're at your command oh great streetsweeper of doom!
Destructionator: From now on, call me the Destructinator! Muahahahaha!!
Turbo Timmy: Hey! You haven't seen a world full of imprisoned fairies that could use some magic, have you?
Destructinator: I wish you had giant ears!
Turbo Timmy: But now, you shall taste the thunderarm fury of my Thunder pits!!
Destructinator: I cannot be stopped. Thanks to you I have magic, I have destructopits and I have all the power in the universe!
Hugginator: Must hug Timmy Turner!
Turbo Timmy: The Darkness was never looking for trouble in the universe. It was just looking for friends.
Yellowness: Friends.
Timmy: And finally the best kiss ever.
Cosmo: Just kidding. AAaahhhhh! Brain Freeze!!!!

Cosmo: "What happens if we break wind?" (farts and it becomes encased in a bubble)
Wanda: "Do not pop that bubble."

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