Wishing Well
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Timmy Turner
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  Wishing Well
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  Wishing Well

Wishing Well is a place where children with Over Wishing Disorder are sent to learn how to solve problems without using real magic.


When Jorgen detected the Over-Wishing Disorder (O.W.D.) in Timmy, the boy was immediately sent to the "Wishing Well," a place that works like a rehabilitation center for the godchildren who can not perform any normal activity without using magic. Along with Timmy, the other members of the inaugural class were Dwight and Molly. After Timmy, Molly, and Dwight were able to escape Wishing Well without magic, they automatically graduated due to them succeeding at getting out of a tough situation without magic.


Outside, the place looks like a prison. Inside, it has several dormitories that are rigged for a simulation of a tornado, a "Fun House", where godchildren must face their worst fears without wishing, and a kitchen, where godchildren must cook without using magic at all. It also has bathrooms that are cleaned up by godchildren mainly because they smell really bad.

Over Wishing Disorder

Over Wishing Disorder (or O.W.D.) is a disorder where godchildren overwork their godparents or become too reliant on fairy magic to function normally.


The disorder.

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