• Timmy Turner's greatest fear is Vicky (obvious since she tortures him a lot), Molly fears snakes (either because of their scary appearance or because of a fear of getting a snake bite), and Dwight fears harpoons. (because of a dream about him being a whale and everyone wanted his blubber during it)
  • Apparently godchildren are not supposed to overwish too much as soon they will become dependent on magic to help themselves and overwork their godparents.
  • Jorgen apparently can tell when someone overwishes way too much since when Timmy wished for the ski resort and the chocolate ski board and was about to go for a joyride he suddenly appeared in front of Timmy to stop him and take him to Wishing Well.


Running Gags

  • Timmy making a wish that either tires or hurts Cosmo and Wanda, but both him and Poof are enjoying the said wish.
  • Timmy, Molly, Dwight being smacked in the face with a fruitcake whenever they say "I wish".
  • Jorgen stating to the kids that he will give them a hint about what they are going to do next, but he unintentionally reveals the entire thing about what they are going to do next and he makes a comment about giving away the answer instead of just saying the hints.
  • Molly not liking it when people touch her.
  • Dwight saying, "They want my blubber!"


  • Wanda doesn't go crazy over the chocolate snow board Timmy wishes for, despite her obsession over it in Where's Wanda? and Just Desserts!
    • It is possible that she was too tired from all of the wishes to notice that it was chocolate.
  • After Timmy kicks Jorgen Von Strangle as a soccer ball and when Jorgen appears again in front of Timmy and says, “Nice kick.”, Timmy’s turquoise gloves are gone.
  • Timmy and his companions blow up the kitchen when they tried to cook something without magic, but Timmy was able to cook very well in "Apartnership".
  • When Timmy was scrubbing toilets, there was a blue bucket right to the side of the toilet. When we see it again, the bucket is in front of the toilet.
  • When Timmy and his companions try to escape, shouldn't the shocker be able to work? It is likely it did not because they went over the lasers.


Jorgen: Nice kick. Now, go to wishing well!!

Molly: And this is my fairy godmother, Swizzle.
Timmy: Hey, Molly is a cool girl! (Timmy shakes Sqizzle's hand)
Swizzle: (pointing angrily at Timmy after he shakes her hand) Don't ever touch me again!
Timmy: And I see where she gets it from.

Jorgen: Who wants fruit cake?

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