Wish Upon a Mom
Author: Adam Beechen
Illustrator: Tom LaPadula
Released: March 23, 2004
Publisher: Simon Spotlight
Pages: 24
ISBN: 0689863241

Wish Upon a Mom is a children's book featuring characters from The Fairly OddParents.

Product summary

When Timmy's mom can't spend time with him on Mother's Day he wishes she could be with him all the time. Poof! Cosmo and Wanda happily oblige before heading off to Fairy World. But when Timmy realizes that "all the time" means she'll be with him every second of the day, he has to find Cosmo and Wanda fast before his mom really embarrasses him!


Timmy Turner is upset that he never gets to spend any time with his mother, even on Mother's Day, so he wishes that she would be with him all the time. Mrs. Turner cancels her trip to the movies, dismisses Vicky for the day, and says she will spend Mother's Day with Timmy. After thanking them for granting the wish, Timmy sees Cosmo and Wanda off to visit Mama Cosma.

Timmy and his mother play board games, make cookies, watched a movie on TV, and surprise startled Mr. Turner when he got home. The next day, Timmy's mom drives him to school, but to his surprise she also accompanies him in school and embarrasses him in Mr. Crocker's class by correcting his wrong answers. She follows him to the arcade and beats his high score, and then accompanies him at his Squirrel Scout meeting, embarrassing him further. Timmy suggests to his mother she might have something more important to do, but she insists on being with him always. The next day, Timmy's dad also announces he will be spending time with his wife and Timmy, since he never gets to see either anymore.


Timmy hugging Vicky.

Timmy has had enough, and journeys to Fairy World, where he is stopped by Jorgen Von Strangle at the gates who refuses him entry. Timmy tells Jorgen it is important that he sees his fairies, that it involves his mother, and then asks Jorgen if he has a mother. A tear rolls down Jorgen's cheek as he remembers his dear Mother Von Strangle, and he allows Timmy entry into Fairy World. At Mama Cosma's house, she is offering her son Cosmo cookies while mocking Wanda's own cooking, when Timmy shows up with Jorgen to take them back home. Back at home, Timmy's fairies grant the wish, and Timmy's mom shows up to tell him she has an important meeting to be at. Timmy is happy to see his mother off, and is even happy enough to hug Vicky's legs when she comes to babysit him.



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