Wish Limbo ending.

Wish Limbo is what happens when a godchild wishes two people were EXACTLY the best at something at the same time. As there can only be one best, the two people would fight for eternity to beat each other unless something more important than winning gets in their way.


In the episode, "Beach Blanket Bozos", Timmy Turner wished his parents were the best surfers in the world. Because of this, Mr. and Mrs. Turner battled it out on the waves non-stop. They decided to stop when they realized that Timmy and some strange pink, green, and purple sea creatures (happens to be Wanda, Cosmo, and Poof) were in danger and more important than fighting. Something similar happened in the episode, "Beach Bummed", when Timmy wished to be the strongest man on the beach. Whenever something stronger stepped on the beach he becomes even stronger, so he would be the strongest. In the end, he wished himself back to normal when the Dimmsdale Emergency Sea Monster Response Team confronted him.

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