Wish Coupons
Tootie with a wish coupon
Uses: Wishing
Powered by: Fairy Magic
Additional Information
Created by:
Found by:
Chester McBadbat
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Merry Wishmas
Last Appearance:
  Merry Wishmas

A Wish Coupon is a certificate for one free wish that any person can make regardless of whether or not they have Fairy Godparents.


Wish Coupons are basically a free pass for any person, particularly those without fairies, to wish to get what they wanted for Christmas. This can easily be abused, as demonstrated by Vicky who wished for millions of wishes.


The wish coupon looks like a piece of paper which reads "Congratulations!" If you didn't get what you wanted for Christmas, this coupon entitles you to one wish." There is also a crown visible on the paper.


Coupon Xmas

One Christmas, Timmy Turner and his friends did not get what they want from Santa Claus, so he could not go sledding with his friends even when he wished for the sled he wanted, as his friends were not unfortunate enough to have fairies. Seeing that so many children were having a bad Christmas, Timmy wished for these wish coupons so that whoever is holding one is entitled to one free wish. Although mostly everyone is satisfied with getting the one gift they want, Vicky wanted more, so she wished for a million coupons. This causes her mail box to explode and it rains wish coupons from the sky, allowing the kids to hoard them. This put a drain on Fairy Magic, and soon the Big Wand in Fairy World runs out of power, as did the fairies' wands.




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