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ChannelChasersPt3-570.jpg "All godchildren look the same."

This article is about the child. For the high school student, see Winston Dunsworth.

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 11
Eye color:       Blue
Personal Information
  Seeing the age of 12
Fairy Godparents:
Jorgen Von Strangle (former godfather)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Zappys!
Last Appearance:
  The Zappys!

Winston is Jorgen Von Strangle and the Tooth Fairy's godchild.


Winston is a young red-haired boy who lives on the planet Earth. In the episode, The Zappys, he is one of the godchildren entered into the contest. Winston and Jorgen win almost all of the contests by intimidating everyone over and over again. Jorgen regularly pesters and torments him, attacking him with verbal abuse, treating him like furniture, and threatening him with his wand. Winston is left following every order Jorgen gives him.


He has red hair and wears a red and yellow striped shirt. His voice is very whiny and he always sounds terrified.


Winston's first and only appearance is in "The Zappys!" as Jorgen's godchild. Winston seems absolutely terrified of Jorgen. When Jorgen asks him what does he wish for, the only answer his godchild will give is "I wish I could reach the age of twelve". Also, when Jorgen asked him "Why do you love me, Winston?" Winston replies "Because you tell me to... Sir!" He never appeared in the regular series.

In the episode, "Temporary Fairy", it is revealed that Jorgen does not have a full-time godchild because he's too rough with kids. Thus, it is possible that Jorgen was taken away from Winston because he was too rough with his godchild. That would also explain the sheer terror that Winston seemed to have of Jorgen. Aside from his one appearance in The Zappys!, Winston is not seen or referenced again.

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