Will the Real Cosmo Please Stand Up? is a Fairly OddParents comic that was first printed in the Nickelodeon Magazine special Nickelodeon Magazine presents The Fairly OddParents!.


Tired of Da Rules preventing him for winning competitions, good grades, or Trixie Tang's heart, Timmy Turner wishes for a fairy that wasn't afraid to break the rules. Anti-Cosmo appears and grants Timmy's wishes, usually with repercussions for others. Timmy becomes so happy he doesn't need fairies anymore, and Jorgen von Strangle says Timmy has one hour to become miserable enough to need fairies again.




  • The comic is a reference to the famous phrase from a game show called To Tell the Truth where the host asks "Will the real (name) please stand up?" Also, the title is a reference to the Eminem 2000 song The Real Slim Shady, in which one of the line in the song "Will the real Slim Shady Please Stand up?", a play on his alter ego name, "Slim Shady".
  • Print debut of A.J., Jorgen, Trixie, and the Anti-Fairies. This is also the first appearance of Anti-Jorgen; he is very puny and wears a dress.
  • In Brazil, this comic was printed with the name "The Anti-Cosmo".

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