Mrs Turner: I’d like to thank you all and my attorney, Gloria Bullhead who forced you to allow me to be here.

Squirrely Scouts: Hooray?

Timmy: And I learned a valuable lesson that sometimes the best dad can be your mom!

Wanda: Well, another happy ending. (Old Lady Fairy appears near Cosmo and Wanda holding a clock)

Cosmo: Hey, I remember you! It seems like it was only yesterday...!

Old Lady Fairy: It was yesterday! 5:00 means 5:00 you idiot!

Cosmo: Hear comes the quiet part!

Timmy: Mom, Thank you so much! I just wish dad were here to see this.

Mrs. Turner: Oh well, I’m sure he’s busy doing something important.

Pilot: Unidentified aircraft, you’re in a nut-free zone. You must land!

Mr. Turner: Oh, Nuts!

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