Alden Bitteroot: If he survives, he be'th human. If he drowns, HE IS A WITCH!
Timmy Turner: What? That makes no sense!
Alden Bitteroot: NOT TO A WITCH!

A.J.: Bitteroot!
Timmy: Dale Dimm!
Chester: Guys, Stop fighting!

Timmy: What? That duck's not a witch!

Alden Bitteroot: (after Timmy accuses him of being a witch and after the villagers grab Timmy by the arm) Doth art mad! Mad I say-eth!
Timmy: Oh, then, why don't your feet touch the ground? (Alden's feet are then shown floating in mid-air, causing the villagers to gasp and realize Alden is a witch. The villagers then release Timmy off-screen and he walks right beside where the mayor is)
Mayor: And may of us were quite perplexed about that?
Alden Bitteroot: Thou hast ruined my plan to take over-eth this town! (Alden activates his broom which causes storm clouds to appear and shoot green lightning on him. He then laughs for a bit and we then see his colonial hat change to a witch's hat. He is then shown surrounded by green lightning.)

Timmy: [after looking at Alden Bitterroot and a 21st century picture of him] So much for historical accuracy.

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