• This episode features Dimmsdale High School and Vicky's classmates for the first time, and they are not seen again until "A Bad Case Of Diary-Uh!".
  • The plot of this short is similar to the plot of the video game Breakin' Da Rules which has Vicky using Da Rule book as a source of fairy power instead of Wanda's wand.
  • This short is featured on the DVD for the special "School's Out!: The Musical".
  • While the other "Oh Yeah! Cartoons" shorts were repackaged as episodes of the main series during the first season, this particular one was not.
  • That man couldn't have wished for better lunch cause he's an adult. In "The Big Problem", it is revealed that adults cannot wish.


  • At one point, Cosmo appears in plain sight of Vicky in fairy form attempting to "pick her up", with no consequences to him failing to keep his fairy identity hidden.
  • In this episode, Mrs. Turner's car is different and modern.

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