Wanda: I hate this universe! It makes my hips look fat.

Cosmo: What universe doesn't?

(Wanda growls at Cosmo)

Jorgen: [locking up the Anti-Fairy prison] At last! Complete and total lockdown! I've locked up the fairies, anti-fairies, and even the occasional gnome. Nothing in this universe can get in or out!
Professor Calamitous: [walks past] Hello, my good man.
Jorgen: (casually) Oh, hello. [pauses] Hey!
Professor Calamitous: Is this the emergency release button?
Binky: You bet.

Professor Calamitous: [to Anti-Cosmo] Your friends are free. Now, for you to help me defeat Neutron!
Anti-Cosmo: Yes, about that...

(locks Jorgen and Calamitous up)

Professor Calamitous: I thought you were going to be my collaberator. You lied to me!
Anti-Cosmo: Yes. I do that from time to time. Its almost like I'm evil. Well ta! [poofs away]

Professor: You mean like this? Why are you hitting yourself?
Cosmo: [to Sheen, who is temporarily transformed into a fairy] Do you feel illogical, punk? Well, do ya?
Sheen: I was born illogical!
Jorgen: What? Hot dogs do not fly! Or spit fire! That is illogical! And it makes me very angry!

Jorgen (Using Calamitous to Break open the door ):!
Calamitous: I Gotta tell you something first.
Jorgen: What?
Calamitous: He left the key in the door.

(Jorgen Uses Calamitous to Bust the Key out of the lock)

Jorgen: Good job!

Timmy: He's big.
Jimmy: He's mean.
Libby: He's gross.

(It is Revealed that Calamitous's Head is Fused Onto Jorgen's Shoulder)

Sheen: AH! Where is he gonna buy shirts!

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