• This was the only webtoon to show Timmy in his normal clothes.
  • This is the only webtoon without an actual title.
  • This webtoon uses the biggest amount of stings, with three.
  • This episode ties with Pain In The Brass for having the most Wand Scenes, at seven.

Wand scenes

  • The fairies use their magic to teleport Timmy into the comic book.
  • Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder fires chinarangs from his Utility Cleft.
  • Cleft and the Crimson Chin fly off to save the day.
  • Cleft produces a rocket from his Utility Cleft, then uses it to blast past the soccer ball.
  • The Bronze Kneecap starts firing spiked balls at the Chin.
  • Timmy produces a head of Pele from his Utility Cleft.
  • The Chin sends the Bronze Kneecap to Jail


  • Pele the Football Player: the device Timmy uses to stop the soccer ball is a giant bust of Pele's head.


Webtoons Anouncer: 10 year old Timmy Turner was reading his new Crimson Chin comic book when he realized... the Crimson Chin was in trouble! The Chin had been strapped to a giant mechanical knee by his knee themed nemesis, the Bronze Kneecap and was about to have his reflex majorly tested by a 60 foot radioactive doctor robot!

Webtoons Announcer: Timmy did what every 10 year old boy would do. He turned to his fairies for help. They used their magic to make Timmy vanish... and whom reappear in the comic book as Cleft, the boy chin wonder! Cleft quickly fired several chinarangs from his utility cleft, cutting the Chin free in the nick of time!

Timmy:I'll take care of the soccer ball!
Crimson Chin: Which leaves the Bronze Kneecap to me!

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