Webisode 1
Season Webtoons, Episode 1
Titlecard-Webisode 1
Premiered: 2001
Wish: To be sent into the comic book
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The Collapsed Lung

Webisode 1 is the first episode of the Crimson Chin Webtoons.


The Crimson Chin is currently trapped by the Bronze Kneecap and Doctor Robot. Timmy wishes himself into the comic book as Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder so he can help save him.


The Crimson Chin was in trouble because he had been strapped to a giant, mechanical knee by his knee-themed nemesis, the Bronze Kneecap and was about to have his reflex majorly tested by a 60-foot, radioactive Doctor Robot! The fairies helped Timmy enter the comic book as Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder.

Pele's head

Pele's head.

Cleft fired chinarangs from his utility Cleft to save the Chin. The reflex from Doctor Robot hitting the knee caused the giant leg to kick a giant soccer ball towards Chincinnati City Hall! Timmy rockets to the hall before the ball and then  produces a giant head of Pele to headbutt the soccer ball back to the Bronze Kneecap. The Bronze Kneecap was sent to Chincinnati Jail. Even though Timmy is just happy the day is saved, the Chin is more skeptical that everything is really safe. 

The episode ends on a cliffhanger, with both of them hearing a woman screaming for help, meaning that their work to protect Chincinnati is not quite over.

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