ChannelChasersPt3-570 "All godchildren look the same."

This article is about the character. For the machine, see Wando.

Gender: Male
Species: Fairy
Age: Immortal
Hair color:       Pink
Eye color:       Pink
Personal Information
  Fairywinkle family
Cosma/Fairywinkle family
  Dimmsdale ,CA
Fairy Godchildren:
Timantha (goddaugther)
Big Daddy (father)
Mrs. Fairywinkle (mother)
Grandpa Fairywinkle (grandfather)
Nana Cadabra (grandmother)
Cosma (wife)
Blonda (sister)
Piero Fairywinkleand Carmine Fairywinkle (uncles)
Guido Fairywinkle (cousin)
Papa Cosmo (father-in-law)
Mama Cosma (mother-in-law)
Schnozmo (brother-in-law)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Boy Who Would Be Queen
Last Appearance:
  The Boy Who Would Be Queen
Voiced by:
Susan Blakeslee
"Why am I tempted to scratch myself and not care who sees?"
— Wando

Wando is the male alter ego of Wanda, who was created after Timantha (Timmy Turner's female alter ego) wished Wanda would become a man because she had turned Timmy into a girl for not being able to listen to insults by Timmy and Cosmo, as it would be enough payback if she simply wished Wanda into Wando and Cosmo into Cosma.


Wando is an overweight, balding slob. He watches TV for most of the episode and eats chili dogs. He seems to be quite impatient and does not care about his appearance. He also wears a greasy undershirt.


Timmy in his room goes through his things, looking for a gift for Trixie Tang's upcoming birthday while Cosmo and Wanda watch. After a stink bomb and a dead frog fail, Wanda tells him he needs to think like a girl, which Cosmo follows up by suggesting that if Timmy was a girl he could think like one. Cosmo and Timmy laugh uproariously at this suggestion, with Timmy saying, "Yeah, right, like I'd ever wish I was a girl!" This angers Wanda, who promptly zaps him with her wand, doing just that. Wanda then polishes her nails with her wand. Cosmo quickly says, "Well who cares what you think? You're a girl now!" laughing very hard and causing Wanda to smile. After a few "polite" gestures and insults, Timmy, later referring to herself as "Timantha", wishes that Wanda and Cosmo would switch genders and become "Cosma and Wando" to get back at them for making fun of her now girlish appearance. Timantha then heads to the mall to get a present for Trixie. Back at the house, Wando becomes impatient since they were supposed to meet Timmy an hour ago. While he sits watching television and eating a hot dog, Cosma obsesses over what to wear. Wando tells her to just pick something. Cosma goes into to the bathroom, only for a splash and her yelling, "Would it kill you to leave the lid down?" Wando only gives a snarky comment in return. He then drinks some soda before burping. That night, outside Trixie's mansion, Timantha wishes herself back into a boy before entering (and interpreting Cosma's request to wish her and Wando back to normal as "blah blah blah". He wishes Cosma and Wando back to the way they were born, and they revert to normal.


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