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Wando is a machine from Cheese & Crockers. It makes the person inside combine with the other object. For example, when Timmy Turner went inside Wando with a drum, he became drumboy with a drum on his chest. Another example is when Cosmo and Wanda went inside together. Cosmo turned into half idiot, half naggy lady. Wanda turned into half superior female, half idiot. Mr. Crocker used it without knowing what Wando is. Since he was holding cheese in his hand, he had superpowers that involve cheese.

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  • Wando is also the name of Wanda when Timmy wishes she was a man and Cosmo a lady in the episode, The Boy Who Would Be Queen. Timantha wanted revenge on Cosmo for laughing at her and on Wanda for poofing him into a girl! Wanda-Wando is a smelly fairy with pink hair. He watches TV for most of the episode, quite impatient who doesn't care about his appearance.
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