Walt Kidney
Gender: Male
Species: Human Body Cell
Personal Information
  Vicky (part of her body)
  Owner of Kidney Land
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Tiny Timmy!
Last Appearance:
  Tiny Timmy!
Voiced by:
Rob Paulsen

Walt Kidney is the wondrous founder of Kidney Land, which is located inside Vicky's body.


Walt Kidney is a reference to Disney creator Walt Disney. He runs an amusement park inside Vicky's body called Kidney Land, which is also a reference to Disneyland. Other than serving as a one time joke, Walt Kidney has no other role in the series.


He is similar to body shape to Mr. Turner and has slightly similar hair, but more slick looking. He wears a blue plaid jacket over a white buttoned shirt with a black bow tie. His pants a gray and his shoes are black.


He appeared in the episode "Tiny Timmy" while Cosmo and Wanda were having a tour through Vicky's body. He politely welcomed them to his park inside "Scenic Vicky the Babysitter", and offered them a tour from his assistant, Tinklebell. Cosmo and Wanda recognized Walt Kidney, as well as Tinklebell who was a fairy like them.


  • His name is a spoof of the late Walt Disney. His appearance also looks somewhat like him as well. It is probably because Walt Disney was one of Butch Hartman's inspiration [1].

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