• Scenes from this episode were seen in a behind-the-scenes promo released by "Animation Magazine", featuring Butch Hartman.
  • Starting from Turner & Pooch, Mr. Crocker has made 6 appearances in a row, which is a FOP record. Although, only 2 were major roles (Turner & Pooch; Dumbbell Curve), and the rest were either cameos or brief sequences.
  • Sparky doesn't physically appear in this episode. He only appears in the Sparky's _________ Tips videos.


  • The title is an obvious pun on the words "Viral Videos" and "Idiots".
  • YouTube - "Timmy Tube", "Mom Tube", "Crocker Tube", are references to the famous video sharing website.

Running Gags

  • The wall that collapses on Cosmo makes people laugh in this episode.
  • Mrs. Turner putting in the wrong things in her food.


  • First appearance of Girlfriend. She is initially named Fluffy, but Crocker changes her name later on.
  • The ninjas in Mrs. Turner's video strongly resemble Future Vicky's assassins in Channel Chasers.


Timmy's eyebrows are black

  • In the kitchen when Mom is crying, you can see a toaster but later when Timmy wishes for a video that everybody likes, the toaster is gone.
  • The picture on the right shows that Timmy's eyebrows are black in the laptop, not his usual brown
  • When Mrs. Turner was making the pancakes, they didn't have the lug nut in them, but when she threw it at the ninjas, they were there.
  • Before Timmy made the wish, Cosmo and Wanda were disguised. When he made the wish and Cosmo and Wanda shook their wands, you can see their hands.


Cosmo: "I call it, 'Cosmo watching paint dry'."
Cosmo: (in video) "Dry, stupid paint, dry!" (kicks the wall, which collapses on him)

Cosmo: "Yoohoo, hungry bears. I'm a juicy salmon! (bears growl at him) Not the face, I'm a celebrity! (bears attack, camera in video zooms out to the forest)  Not the costume, it's rented!"

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