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Viral Vidiots
Season 9, Episode 9
Prod. Code: 131B
Premiered: June 22, 2013
France  (2014-12-08)December 8, 2014
Wish: For his mother to make a viral video that everyone on the internet will love
Headgag: Fire Hydrant
Created by:
  Butch Hartman
Written by:
  Ellen Byron
Lissa Kapstrom
Storyboard by:
  Jim Mortensen
Butch Hartman
Directed by:
  Gary Conrad
Produced by:
Production Design:
Art Direction:
  Ernie Gilbert
Music Direction:
  Guy Moon

Full Credits:
  Viral Vidiots - Credits
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Viral Vidiots is the ninth episode from Season 9.


Timmy helps his mother make a viral video. Crocker kidnaps Timmy's mom because he thinks she's a troll who possesses magic.[1]

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