Vicky: Now I can't wait for special time with Timmy!

Mr. Turner: Hey, short stuff! Want to spend today playing catch with your old man in the park?
Timmy Turner: You bet!
Mr. Turner: Hahaha, then boy are you going to be disappointed! Because your mom and I are out of here! We're going to the Cake 'N' Bacon! MMMM! My favorite! But we're not hungry yet, so we'll wait in the car!

Timmy Turner: [holds up a net] Mom, don't ask why, but I have to stick this in Dad's pants.
Mrs. Turner: Oh, is it Father's Day already?
Mr. Turner: (yelps) Hey...We're at the Cake and Bacon! Are we at least being nice?
Mrs. Waxelplax: (Timmy has just shoved a net on her head) Ooh, Timmy, is it Father's Day already?
Timmy: Gotta stop that bug!

President: Citizens of Dimmsdale...I...uh, where is it? Where is it? Aah! [relieved] Thank you, that's better. [back to the crowd] It is my honor today...

Timmy Turner: Vicky! Speak to me! Say something nice! Anything nice!
Vicky the Babysitter: I...I...Twerp!!!!
Mr. Turner: Оh baby! You picked up a butterfly net!

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