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Timmy: Mom, Dad, I'm home!
Mr. Turner: (like old time director) Cut! I need real. REAL!

Vicky: No! Wait.I love this job.I was set up! It wasn't my fault!...There were locusts!...And a flood!...I BLAME GLOBAL WARMING!

Wanda: I'm thinking prehistoric fire breathing Rhinos and a loincloth Warrior Army.
Cosmo (after being transformed into a battleaxe): Wait, shouldn't WANDA be the old battleaxe? (Starts laughing) I'm on fire again. (Upon which Wanda breathes fire on Cosmo burning him severely.)

Jensen: This really is beyond my job description, sir.
Timmy: Don't sweat it Jensen. This battle will take two minutes . . . tops! FREEDOM!
(Timmy's Army is caught)
Wanda: You were close. The battle only took a minute forty.
Timmy:See Jensen? Have I ever lied to you?

Timmy: And now it's time for the matinee performance of Vicky Gets Fired!

Vicky: Mayor, I need a job.
The Mayor of Dimmsdale: Sorry, we're not hiring.
Vicky: Oh really, maybe this pictures of you at Goat The Other White Meat Convention will change your mind!

Timmy: Oh come on, "Grand Surpeme Evil Overlord"?
Cosmo: I think she prefers the term "Supreme Empress of Darkness of Everything that Breaths" (Mispronounced as breathes)

Jensen: I should like a raise, Sir.
Timmy: You'll get it, Jensen. You'll get it . . .

Mrs. Turner: Don't touch that tape!

Vicky: Getting fired from a cannon is also exercise!
Woman from Tiny Gym: Vicky, you're fired! Literally!

Man: Vicky, you're fired!

Mayor of Dimmsdale: Chompy, I love you!

Mrs. Turner: Do not mess with this tape!

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