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Vicky's Little Brother
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: Unknown
Eye color:       Jade-Green
Personal Information
  Vicky's family
  Dimmsdale, CA
His Parents
Grandma Vicky (grandmother)
Vicky (sister)
Tootie (sister, possibly the person Vicky mistook for her brother)
Vic (possible uncle)
Tommy Turner (possible future nephew)
Tammy Turner (possible future niece)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Fairly OddParents!
Last Appearance:
  The Fairly OddParents!
Voiced by:
Grey DeLisle

Vicky's Little Brother is an unseen character that was only referenced once in the entire series, in the pilot episode.


When Vicky first started babysitting Timmy, she threatened him with blackmail, stating that it works great, "Just ask my little brother!", she picks up and dials the phone to her house, and her brother is heard screaming for a few seconds before she hung up.

The next time Vicky's House is seen however, she only has a little sister, Tootie, and her little brother was nowhere to be seen. This character has yet to appear in the main series and is now considered a nonperson. (Another possibility is that Vicky did "not call her own house" and only lied to convince Timmy. She said that she had a brother as a lie, but truly called a different boy [or Tootie see below] who she was a babysitter for and had already successfully blackmailed. This is strengthened by the following facts see below. So in the story, she only had one sibling Tootie.)

Reasons for his removal

The pilot episode has many elements that were contradicted in later episodes. Timmy's exact meeting of Vicky and his fairy godparents was different in "Abra-Catastrophe!". This is because the pilot episode was made more in mind with getting the show picked up for more episodes, and when the creators succeeded in this, they decided that certain elements were worth changing, such as making Vicky's younger sibling a girl in love with Timmy.

In every episode, book, comic, and video game that Vicky's entire family has appeared in, her brother is not seen or referenced once, which means that the creators have established that he does not exist in the main series. He might even be deceased, but there is a much more valid explanation. Vicky might have been referring to Tootie instead of her brother in the Pilot Episode, as the screeching is mostly from a girl, revealing that Vicky's little brother might have been Tootie off-screen, at the time, and that Vicky actually lied about having a brother.


  • Vicky's little brother has a girly scream.
  • In 2018, Butch Hartman referenced the brother in one of his videos, and even drew how he thinks he looks like. He also theorized that Vicky erased him from existence because she wanted to be the only kid in the family.