• In the early draft of the episode "A Wish Too Far!", Veronica was originally named "Carly", after Butch Hartman's daughter.[1]
  • In one episode, Trixie is almost about to show Timmy respect when she receives a glare from Veronica, and kicks Timmy out of her birthday party instead. It is possible that Veronica may have an influence on Trixie and wants to prevent them from getting together so that she can have Timmy for herself, but probably more so that Trixie may have not been ready yet to admit her tomboyish side.
  • Rarely does she acknowledge Timmy or his friends by name, instead, calling them "not popular kids" or losers.
  • In the episode The Boy Who Would Be Queen, there's a rare shot of Veronica with two pigtails instead of her trademark pony tail.
  • After Season 5, Veronica stopped appearing almost completely. Even in scenes where Trixie is with her group of friends, Veronica is strangely absent. She was seen briefly in the episodes "Hairicane", "Dadbra-Cadabra" (at the school talent show, sitting near Trixie), "Stupid Cupid", and "Spring Break-Up".
  • It is unknown if she still has a crush on Timmy, since this sub-plot has not been referenced or supported since Season 4.
  • In 2 episodes, Veronica has pink eyes, although she usually has blue. Her eyes were briefly pink in Scary GodParents, when Trixie introduced her to the Turners of her less precious ruby jack-o-bot" costume. Veronica's eyes were turned back to her normal color when she frustratingly shined Trixie's outfit as requested. It was pink again in The Big Superhero Wish, but this time it stayed pink along with her alter ego Hawk Gal.
  • In Hail to the Chief, it is revealed that she wears make-up and has a pink lunchbox with a star on each side.
    • Many things she has are pink.
  • Veronica is the only female character to be seen in her underwear.



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