[blinded by Timmy's shiny teeth] "MY EYES! My perfect blue eyes!!"

[about Timmy's sudden popularity] "Trixie! It's a trap! See, I told you, I knew!" *looks around crazily*

"Do I think Timmy Turner is neat? Actually, my love for him burns with the white-hot intensity with of a thousand suns, but I can't let Trixie know that. [types] 'No way, he's gross.'"

"Call me Trixie! TRIXIE!"


"How many pink-hatted, buck-toothed losers does it take to screw in a light bulb?"

"I'm Hawk Gal! I can fly at speeds of 20 and 40 miles per hour and have all the powers of a hawk and a girl!"

[Timmy reading Veronica's mind] "Why isn't that loser talking to me?"

"What do you think of my new outfit? It's made of tissue paper, sugar and powdered milk!"

"I still can't see, but those two kids sound really unpopular."

"Look who decided to wear clothes today. Hahahaha! [Timmy doesn't react] Insults not working... AHHH!!!!" [faints]

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