Veronica's House
Veronica's room
City: Dimmsdale
State: California
Country: United States
World: Earth
Additional Information
Owned By:
  Veronica's family
  Veronica's Mom
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Information Stupor Highway
Last Appearance:
  Information Stupor Highway

Veronica's house is a residence in Dimmsdale where Veronica lives with her mother.


This is the home to Veronica and her unseen mother. The home, specifically, Veronica's bedroom, were briefly seen when Timmy Turner wished himself into the Internet in order to retrieve an e-mail he sent to Trixie Tang's computer.


Only one room in this entire house has been shown in the series: Veronica's room. It is a baby blue color with pink curtains, and there are posters, as well as a shrine of Trixie all over her room. There is also a desk where Veronica keeps her computer. No other room has been shown, and it is unknown how big her house is or what the exterior looks like.


In the episode, "Information Stupor Highway", Timmy travels into the Internet to recover an embarrassing "threatmantic" to Trixie his parents and Cosmo helped write. While inside Trixie's computer, Timmy attached himself to an instant message that Trixie sent to Veronica, and ended up inside Veronica's computer at her home. When Veronica was called away by her mother for dinner, Timmy changed Veronica's instant message into a question about whether or not Trixie likes him, and then later sent the message to Trixie's computer along with himself. Trixie receives it and questions Veronica why and does she like him. Veronica sees this message and notes while she does like him with romantic feelings she can't have Trixie know that. She then simply writes no and that he is gross before sending her message to Trixie (Timmy is scarcely surprised that Veronica, the crazy person, likes him).


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