Country: Ustinkistan
World: Earth
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  Grandma Gladys
Grandpa Vlad
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First Appearance:
  Timmy Turnip
Last Appearance:
  Timmy Turnip

Ustinkistan is the country where Timmy's maternal grandparents, Grandma Gladys and Grandpa Vlad, originated from.


This Eastern European country is described as "bleak and barren" when Timmy first arrives here after foolishly wishing his grandparents had never came to America in the first place. The country's primary resource is turnips, and everything in the country is made of this plant, including a cruise-sized ship called The Soggy Turnip which, fifty years ago, was the last ship to ever sail from this country to America. Timmy eventually gets his grandparents on board this ship in time to immigrate to America and lead their successful lives running a Yak in the Box restaurant. The people of this country have a custom on their holiday of Yaksgiving that involves slapping someone in the face with a seabass and yelling "You stink!". They also eat lots of yak meat. For some reason, fairy godparents assigned to godchildren who live at Ustinkistan can only grant turnip-related wishes, which made it hard for Timmy to undo his wish that his grandparents never left the country.


The ground is gray and colorless, with sharp pointy mountains everywhere in the background. The only plants that are growing anywhere are turnips, which are used for almost everything in Ustinkistan. The country is also described as archaic land where "inside" hasn't been invented yet. Even when Timmy travels back fifty years back there has not been any revolutional, economical or technical changes as nothing has changed.


  • The nation's name is a portmanteau of (yo)u stink and the suffix -stan, which means land in Persian.
  • Fairies in Ustinkistan can only grant turnip based wishes.
  • Ustinkistan is known to be inhabited by werewolves, which come out every night and mercilessly attack the villagers, and won't stop until 11 months.
  • Fairy ears at Ustinkistan look exactly like Anti-Fairy or Elf ears.

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