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    TitleCardBG=#4c96cb EpisodeName=A Fairly Odd Christmas Airdate= ProdCode=MOVIE EpisodeNumberSeason=1a EpisodeNumberTotal=1a Synopsis=A sequel to the live action "Fairly Odd Movie". Timmy Turner (Drake Bell) and his well meaning fairy godparents try to save Christmas, but first he’s got to get himself off the naughty list. Icons= Headgag= LineColor=#4c96cb


    TitleCardBG=#4c96cb EpisodeName=Return of Pixies Airdate= ProdCode=127A EpisodeNumberSeason=1b EpisodeNumberTotal=1b Synopsis=Pixies back. Icons= Headgag=Ms. Doombringer LineColor=#4c96cb


    TitleCardBG=#4c96cb EpisodeName=Crazy Doom Airdate= ProdCode=127B EpisodeNumberSeason= EpisodeNumberTotal= Synopsis=Ms. Doombringer becomes a teacher in Spellementarry School, but then…

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