Ever since Chloe had moved to Timmy's neighborhood and Timmy has to share Cosmo and Wanda with her things got a little out of hand but until Timmy has just got to know her they've become friends then best friends then ever since the episode called Fancy Schmancy, Chloe and Timmy had started to hold hands as started their relationship to the next level as a couple. I think that is very sweet. Timmy Turner needs to face reality and start find someone else and maybe Chloe is that perfect someone for Timmy Turner. Trixie Tang always rejecting Timmy and Trixie always call security in front his face, Tootie is very creepy and she's too much of the creeper and the other girls is not really getting to Timmy very much. I hope that you guys really okay with Chloe and Timmy being a very good couple.

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