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  • Mractivity

    Hi, I'm Mractivity.

    I've been on this wiki long enough, and I've noticed this:

    ...that we have new userboxes....

    and this: a new answers site.

    I'm not saying it's exactly bad. But there is an issue.

    There is this unregistered user on that wiki that has been asking "What is }?" and answering it with a goofy answers.


    Question: What is ODT?

    Answer: Older Duck Timmy.

    Like when did Older Duck Timmy occur or when was he mentioned in the show?

    And there's another question on the wiki that also bugs me:

    Question: When will I stop asking questions?

    Answers: Never. COOL! I answered my own question!

    I don't think this is very necessary at all.

    Please comment and give me you're opinion.


    P.S. Stop the madness!

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  • Mractivity

    One Thing

    July 23, 2010 by Mractivity

    Can someone answer the questions on my userpage?


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