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Why hello there, I see you've stumbled upon my user page. How 'bout an introduction then? My name is Xandy which you can probably tell from my username. Due to my weird fascination with spelling, I usually correct typos around the wiki, amongst other stuff. My hobbies and interests include drawing, munching on chocolate-coated doughnuts, staring at the floor, spouting random phrases, ohlookitsacurtain whatshouldido, reading books like A 101 Ways To Avoid Munching A Chocolate-coated Doughnut & What To Do If You've Already Eaten Half Of It and writing unnecessarily long sentences that waste about 5 seconds to read it.

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My favorite pages

I don't really have any favorite page, so this section shall remain blank.....oh wait, I just filled it with this sentence, didn't I? Oh well...

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