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Hello. I have decided I am leaving Fandom for good.

It's because I don't have the time to edit anymore, and I would rather focus on doing other things.

I wish this Wiki, and the other Wikis I edit on the best of luck with the future.

Goodbye, and thanks for everything. ;)

(P.S. - I have left my userpage as it is for you to look at if you want to.)

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Welcome to my user page. I am an active member of this wiki and mainly work on galleries on here. I am on chat occasionally, but I enter more often when there is big news or when a new episode is about to air.

I occasionally tend to forget things so if I accidentally mess up something, it wasn't intentional.

About Me

I have been a fan of The Fairly OddParents! for quite some time. Before 2016, I hadn't seen too much of the show, however. My love for the show has grown since Season 10 aired for the first time, and I have been watching it more than I ever have.

On August 4th, I made my first edit to the wiki, to the page Clark Laser. Since then, I have added over 8,000 images to the wiki, gotten to 11th place on the leaderboard, and done quite a bit of leaking. A little too much, actually... (Sorry, Butch.)

Right now I am working on getting every image gallery on the wiki complete, and making Userboxes for as many characters as I can.

My Favorite Episodes (best to not-the-best)

This list is subject to change at any time.

My Least Favorite Episodes (worst to not-the-worst)

This list is subject to change at any time.


Image Galleries

You can view all the image galleries I have worked on, a complete list of every gallery's status, and view progress on my project to correctly categorize every episode image on the wiki.

User:Ultimer/Image Galleries.


I am currently working on trying to make as many episode transcripts complete as I can. Below is a list on transcripts I've worked on:

Italics represent unfinished transcripts.

Bold text represent transcripts I have plans to work on.


A minor project. This is just about getting backgrounds from episodes to... appreciate them, I guess? They do look nice.


Transparent Images

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Wikia Portfolio

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