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Fave Fairly Odd Parents characters!

Stock Image of Timmy Turner

Timmy Turner

Not only is he voiced by my favorite voice actress, but he is just an awesome character in general. While he can be selfish, it's obvious that he is really loyal, friendly and heroic character with good heart who unfortunetly suffers a lot for, many times, no reason. He is also funny and adorable! :D

Chloe Carmichael

I know many

people dislike her and I can understand why, but I personally think that Chloe has lots of potentional. She fits many criteria for characters I usually end up loving - kind hearted, friendly, responsible, intelligent, cute and a foil to main character. I know many people think she is a Mary Sue and I can see why, but I personally feel she has flaws - perfectionism and low self esteem, for example - that make her deserving of Cosmo and Wanda.


Cosmo and Wanda about to go home

Because of how she cares for her family. I also feel extremely sorry for her sometimes. While she can be a jerk, she is still a very likable character, probably my favorite.


FOP Cosmo CG

Again, funny, cute and kind-hearted character. Also, his relationship with Wanda tends to be fricking adorable...



Because of her relationship with Timmy - I honestly ship her with him. XD She is also adorable and feel really bad for her because of the fact that she is Vicky's sister, so she most likely suffers even more than Timmy himself.


Anti Cosmo 01

I usually hate villains, but Anti Cosmo is a strange exception. Maybe it's the fact that he is just Cosmo colored blue. Or the fact I have a thing for smart guys. Or the fact I love concept of evil counterparts. Or that British accent. Whatever it is, I like him. ^^



I guess because he is a reformed villain and I am usually a giant fan of those. =D I also tend to like Hispanic characters for some strange reason, he always makes me laugh and I find his relationships with Remy and Wanda and maybe even Cosmo and Timmy interesting for various reasons.

Chester and AJ

Operation F.U.N.92

Because they are one of few characters who care about Timmy and are kind of likeable. I can't decide which one of them I like more - AJ is a smart guy, but Chester seems to be more... "huggable". Welp, they are on the same spot for now. :)

Chip Skylark


Another friendly and likeable character. Again, someone who cares about Timmy and this is despite the fact that they are on completely different popularity levels. In show in which everyone judges others ( ESPECIALLY Timmy himself ) according to looks and popularity, someone like Chip is really appreciated. Also, his song, 'Find Your Voice', will forever haunt me...


Cupid 2 - copy - copy - copy

Kind of. Sure, he is a jerk, but he is cute and funny, not to mention I like his friendship with Juandissimo.



Mostly because he is cute and because purple is my favorite color.

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