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About me

Watched the show from the very first episode and like seeing how the show has changed over time. Many highs and lows, which are interesting to think and talk about. I generally enjoy the whole series. Wanted a place to discuss Fairly Odd Parents with people who aren't overly negative at everything just because it's new. It's nice to see more fans like that, even if a few get overly defensive.

Favourite Episodes (always subject to change)

This is so true to life

Honorable Mentions/Possible Future placements

Information Stupor Highway (Season 2), The Big Scoop! (Season 3), For Emergencies Only, (Season 6), When Losers Attack (Season 8), Animal Crockers (Season 10)

Abridged thoughts on the overall series

I think Seasons 0 to 8 are all very good, none are particularly worse than the other, and the show feels more or less the same.

Season 9 is below average, but like every season, it still has a few gems I'm glad I saw. Season 10 has been very good. I'm glad the show has changed for the better.

I dont care about shipping much, and have never really thought about picking a side between Trixie or Tootie. I also dont care that Trixie is gone. Tootie though, I miss, along with Chester and AJ. But I can live without them. The show was always shifted characters in and out of focus anyways.

Poof and Foop are great, Sparky is occasionally funny, but the show would be better with less of him. I dont feel bad he's gone. Chloe is fantastic.

Major Contributions

Pages I created

Templates I created/edited

Navboxes created (with all related pages added or fixed)

  • Aliens
  • Fairyworld Fairy Tales
  • Sports
  • Fairy World Locations
  • Planets and Realms
  • Godchildren
  • Magical Beings
  • Vicky's Body
  • Organizations
  • Fictional Media (currently in editing)
  • Earth (currently in editing)

Navboxes updated

  • Villains Navbox
  • Anti-Fairies Navbox
  • Comic Book Related NavBox (currently in editing)
  • TimmyClone Navbox(currently in editing)

Pages I generally work on

  • separating character debuts into recurring characters and one time characters for every season
  • all Season 10 image pages. (Most notably the one for Birthday Battle)
  • creating or editing Season 10 Appearance pages.
  • creating or editing Chloe Carmichael image galleries.
  • all pages relating to Percy (Squirrely Scout).
  • adding Appearance lists for Locations.
  • updating every page related to the Crimson Chin Webtoons.
  • fixing the (very, very numerous) grammar and editing mistakes people make here.
  • editing References/Trivia sections by adding Trivia and getting rid of useless ones

Current Page plans

  • creating pages for:
    • Butterfly Boy
    • Crusher McPerson Crusher
    • Dogman and Wander Gal
    • The Forest of Mythical Creatures
    • Squirrely Scout Campground
  • updating:
  • Moving all Quotes to the Trivia sections and removing all the Quotes pages to lower the amount of bloat on the site

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