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Hello, I'm Timmyturngordon2013! I'm a male and I love The Fairly OddParents! I'm a NASCAR, baseball, and a minion fan as well (Look at the Reasons Why I'm a fan of... section for more info)! Photos of The Fairly Odd Parents are here!

About Me

I'm a NASCAR fan, baseball fan, minion fan, and, most importantly, the Fairly Odd Parents fan! I was born on February 19 and I'm a male. My occupation is playing video games and watching TV. I do my homework right away after school (Yes, I have school) so I can get it over with. After that, I usually surf the Internet (including this wikia) or play video games.

Reasons Why I'm a Fan of...

NASCAR- I'm a Jeff Gordon fan (reason why part of my username has gordon between Timmyturn and 2013) and races go on every weekend (except the days of a holiday [for example, Easter]) and I watch them every weekend! They're fun with crashes!

Baseball- I'm a Red Sox fan since 2004 and games go on every day from April to October (sometimes November) and I watch them play to win! 2004, 2007, and 2013 have been the years they won the World Series!

Minions- Ever since "Despicable Me" came out July 9, 2010, minions have been my favorite and with the spin-off of "Despicable Me 2" (came out July 3, 2013) called "Minions", which is set to come out July 10, 2015, I'm hoping to see lots more comedy from these minions! (Go to http://despicableme.wikia.com/wiki/Minions_(film) to learn more about the movie)

Fairly Odd Parents- I love all of these articles of the Fairly Odd Parents and the show, too!

Photos of The Fairly Odd Parents


Well, that's all I got! Enjoy scrolling through this page! Check how many edits I did every day!

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