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About me

Hi. I'm ThomasGaming64. Fairly OddParents is one of my all time favorite cartoons, well, in the first eight seasons at least. I'm not that active here, but I make an edit or two every now and then. That's all for now.

My Favorite and Least Favorite Episode from Each Season

  • Bold = Favorite, Italics = Least favorite
  • Season 1 - Christmas Everyday, Dog's Day Afternoon (don't dislike)
  • Season 2 - Information Stupor Highway, Hail to the Chief (again, don't dislike)
  • Season 3 - The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker, Love Struck
  • Season 4 - Channel Chasers, Just the Two of Us!
  • Season 5 - Presto Change-O, It's a Wishful Life
  • Season 6 - Wishology!, Vicky Gets Fired
  • Season 7 - Operation Dinkleburg, Lights Out
  • Season 8 - Meet the OddParents, Love Triangle (don't dislike)
  • Season 9 - Dimmsdale Tales, Let Sleeper Dogs Lie
  • Season 10 - Blue Angel (the most tolerable of Season 10), Certifiable Super Sitter