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Tootie in Kung Timmy

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About Me

Tootie puff dance I first saw The Fairly OddParents episode Manic Mom-Day in around September 2012 and got interested in the show immediately. I took a special liking to the character Tootie, as I thought that she was an adorable and quite interesting character. I admired her bravery, ability to fight, strength and found her to be a bit similar to myself when I was only a little kid as I would imagine myself as a fairy princess occasionally as well (though for only about 3 years and very rarely; I do not possess her romantic personality now and then, however). In my opinion, however, she should be given a much more prominent role in the series and I feel that her lack of appearances (with the exception of the live-action movies) is bothering me. Other than the hyperactive girl whose role is defined predominantly by her relationship with Timmy, I like characters who has a sense of humor, as listed in the boxes above. Tootie puff dance

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