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My Global Edits

Hi there, I'm Schiffy. Some people just call me Schif. My real name is Marc, but I generally don't use that on Wikia.

If you're reading this template, it means I have edited here, but I am not a regular contributor. If you want to reach me, my talk page (or Message Wall) is always the best place to go.

For the fastest responses, here is a list of wikis I am most active on:

Katawa Shoujo Wiki (Active Bureaucrat and Administrator)
Bleach Wiki (Active member of the Policy & Standards Committee)
Cookie Clicker Wiki (Semi-Active Administrator and Bureaucrat)
Pokémon Snakewood Wiki (Inactive Administrator and Bureaucrat)
Bulbapedia (Contributor)
Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (Contributor)
Grisaia Wiki (Founder/Webmaster)

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