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About me

Welcome to my profile. I am PookaMustard, a bureaucrat of this wiki. I'm responsible for some wiki-wide changes, and also responsible for uploading some image galleries.

My hobbies include using computers and developing simple applications or scripts, playing games, reading and writing.

As of recent, my interests are shifting and moving from a franchise to another, such as the Touhou Project. Suffice to say, I've been a fan of the Fairly OddParents since 2007 when the series first aired on local TV (with a beyond decent dub to boot), and my love for the show has only been strengthened ever since.

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If you want to be an administrator of this wiki, request the position on this page, where all current bureaucrats will decide whether you're fit or not.

Image galleries


So Totally Spaced Out/Images

Mission Responsible/Images
The Fairly Odd Parents Theme Song/Images
Boys in the Band/Images
Super Zero/Images
Mice Capades/Images

Please Don't Feed The Turners/Images
The Fairly Odd Parents Theme Song (Season 9) 1080p/Images

Vicky Gets Fired/Images
A Bad Case Of Diary-Uh!/Images
Wishy Washy/Images
Pipe Down!/Images
Super Bike/Images

The Grass is Greener/Images
When Losers Attack/Images

Fairly OddPet/Images
Crocker Shocker/Images
Mind Over Magic/Images
Chin Up!/Images

Beddy Bye/Images

Completed with help

Dream Goat!/Images - With help from TooYube

Deja Vu/Images - With help from TooYube

Poof's Playdate/Images - With help from DeviantPooper
Dog's Day Afternoon/Images - With help from TooYube

The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker!/Images - With help from DeviantPooper

Engine Blocked/Images - With help from User:JayCee13


Fairly OddParents Favorites

  • My favorite character, as stated above, is Vicky. Unfortunately a majority of her appearances are in the earlier seasons before Poof's introduction. She's followed by Jorgen and Wanda in a close (and tied) second.
  • My favorite episode is hard to nail down. But the pilot is first. This is despite actually starting the series with The Big Problem!. Followed by Power Mad! and then The Switch Glitch and Deja Vu in a third place tie.
  • My favorite movie is easy. That's Channel Chasers where Vicky and Timmy draw the best out of each other. Followed by Abra-Catastrophe! which also has Timmy and Mr. Crocker draw the best out of each other.
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