I'm a cool kid. :D

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About Me

Well, I am a young adult girl. I have a very dry and sarcastic sense of humor, sometimes quite dark. I like things neat and in order, and I am very responsible in everything I do. My mind operates logically, and I love to learn new things and look to discover something new every day. I'm intellectual, and typically very mature. However, I have a big 'kid' side to me, too. I love video games, I'm a big movie buff, and gosh I think it's all too obvious now that I love cartoons!

Whatever the case, get to know me, and I'm sure we will be great friends.


Well, I'll add this for those who are interested...

Favorite Book: Harry Potter is a good place to start.

Favorite Movie: Star Wars Original Trilogy; A Clockwork Orange counts, too.

Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy VII

Favorite Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Favorite Cartoon: The Venture Brothers (FOP is a favorite too, mind you! <3)

Favorite Band: Nine Inch Nails; The Birthday Massacre can tie up sometimes, though.

Contact Info

If you're interested further, you may find me here.



and here.

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