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Hello my name is Kayla and i am 16 years old. I currently do web design and Graphic arts. I can't animate yet. Im still learning how to do that. I am a nice person I can sometimes have an attitude and I like to debate/argue on different F.O.P subjects, meeting new people and Im really good at enforcing rules like Jorgen x3. I'm also good at making spelling errors, too :D jking lol. I live here in Oshawa, Ontario with my mom, dad and 15 month baby brother. My most favorite show is Fairly Odd Parents and my most favorite character from the show is Jorgen Von Strangle :3 he rocks i also love danny phantom, spongebob and other shows.PLEASE NO VANDALISM, SWEARING, BADMOUTHING, DISSING OF ANY KIND, BULLYING/TROLLING, CHAINLETTERS OR DIRTY STUFF ON MY PAGE. DOING SO WILL GET YOU IN TROUBLE AND I WILL NOT HESITATE TO REPORT YOU :) Thankyou for stopping bye and have a nice day, ~ Kayla

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