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How are you doing everyone?

I'm Mractivity, former user and administrator on the Fairly OddParents Wiki. I have gone to other Fairly Odd Wikis but lets not start that up here. Now, I have made and edited many articles, and I love the way they're turning out. It seems like this wiki has has turned into a huge sprouted tree gathered around the heart of Fairly OddParents knowledge. I really enjoy it. But anyways, I'm just on this wiki because I know alot about Fairly OddParents. And I'm also on the Fairly Odd Fanon Wiki becuase I like to make up episodes like Croc Talk and Swarm Pit. I go on other fanon wikis and Nick Wikis. I'm pretty interesting in the SpongeBob Wiki too, it is a nice wiki there, other than an unregistered contributor making up SpongeBob season 8 episodes. That I don't like. I like being here on the wiki and I never, EVER, try to do anything bad with it. Please try to help out here. That sort of mean they need big improvement, but you can help! Make this feel like (your) home, okay? Not like the activity feed thing, your userpage, just like good old Dinkleburg. And anyways, please try to be kind on the wiki, happy editting!

What I Do

  • I create articles people have been linking to but haven't bothered making them (e.g. Sacred Silver Sharpener)
  • I create articles people need for some pages (e.g. Template:Thing)
  • I help create portal pictures
  • Some other quite useful stuff (which I can't name right now)

What I Need You To Do

I was working on a new portal called "Portal:The Fishbowl", and I couldn't find any pictures to go with my titles, so I sort of need help making more images that I can maybe put in. That would be pretty good if you could kindly do that please, thanks. I'll see what I can do with it myself.

Other Wikis



  1. Poof
  2. Cosmo
  3. Jorgen
  4. Dad
  5. Timmy
  6. Wanda
  7. Mr. Crocker
  8. Mom


  1. Crock Talk
  2. Deja Vu
  3. Bad Heir Day
  4. Double Oh Schnozmo
  5. Operation: Dinkleberg
  6. Super Zero
  7. Power Mad
  8. Poof's Playdate


Thanks for coming to my userpage!

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