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About Me

Hello there!

My name is Jennus, I'm a hobbyist artist and game developer, albeit I haven't done much with the latter. I've been a huge fan of FOP for roughly 7 years now, trying to contribute to the fandom since 2012 or so.

I originally joined the wikia to find info and read upon episodes, but due to being underaged at the time, my account had to be blocked. I came back a few years later when I had to log in to modify a wikia for a game I've been a huge fan of, and decided to use that account in here too in case I want to help out the wiki in any aspects.

Eversince, I linger around here to talk in threads, modify stuff if I feel like it, and every now and then try to get the energy to expand galleries of episodes. Other than that though, I'm not too active around here.

You can message me if you wish, I don't bite, although I might take a slight tad to respond.

( If you're interested in my work with art and games... well, I don't exactly have any major projects in public yet, nor do I think this is the right place to promote myself, but you can find a link to my dA in my bio. In case you couldn't, I go by the name Spidzy. )


I honestly dunno if I should write anything else here. I could talk about my overall opinion about FOP, but I'd probably either write only a few sentences or an entire novel.

The only thing you need to know is that I absolutely am in love with Chloe and although I will respect if you don't like her, if you try to get me to dislike her too, I'll fite u.

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