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Upcoming episodes i want to see and why.

  1. Which is Wish (Chloe and Timmy swap bodies.)
  2. Chip off the Old Crock! (We get to see more Crocker's family)
  3. Goldi-Crocks and the Three Fair Bears (Goldilocks parody is gonna be cool.)

My Fan Made Episode Appearances

  1. User:Gamer4life56/Cousin Crushed/Appearances
  2. User:Gamer4life56/Jack & the Beancrock/Appearances
  3. User:Gamer4life56/Dad Nabit/Characters
  4. User:Gamer4life56/Ring Around the Turner/Appearances
  5. User:Gamer4life56/Four Hands are Better Than Two/Appearances
  6. User:Gamer4life56/Crocking Up/Appearances
  7. User:Gamer4life56/The Turner's Get Rich/Appearances
  8. User:Gamer4life56/Shanta Claus is Coming to Town/Appearances
  9. User:Gamer4life56/Jingle Bell Crock/Appearances
  10. User:Gamer4life56/Goverment Agent/Appearances
  11. User:Gamer4life56/The Fairly World/Appearances
  12. User:Gamer4life56/Volcanic School/Appearances
  13. User:Gamer4life56/Party at Chloe's/Appearances
  14. User:Gamer4life56/Wish Shapes/Appearances
  15. User:Gamer4life56/Odd Sports/Appearanes
  16. User:Gamer4life56/Equal Nights/Appearances
  17. User:Gamer4life56/Sleeping Tootie/Appearances
  18. User:Gamer4life56/Powernormal Acivity/Appearances
  19. User:Gamer4life56/Mild Abuse/Appearances
  20. User:Gamer4life56/Who Let the Cats Out/Appearanes
  21. User:Gamer4life56/All Marked Up/Appearances
  22. User:Gamer4life56/Substitute Dad/Appearances
  23. User:Gamer4life56/A Piece Cupcake/Appearances
  24. User:Gamer4life56/Schoolhouse Crock/Appearances
  25. User:Gamer4life56/Warm Potato/Appearances
  26. User:Gamer4life56/Timmy Trixie + Love = Song/Appearances
  27. User:Gamer4life56/Move it or Use it/Appearances
  28. User:Gamer4life56/Dimmsdale Sport News/Appearances
  29. User:Gamer4life56/Power Girls/Appearanes
  30. User:Gamer4life56/Petty and Veronica/Appearances
  31. User:Gamer4life56/Turner the Other Cheek
  32. User:Gamer4life56/Camera Shine/Appearances
  33. User:Gamer4life56/Down the Creek/Appearances
  34. User:Gamer4life56/Wish Upon a Timmy
  35. User:Gamer4life56/Eye Spy/Appearances
  36. User:Gamer4life56/Pick Your Potion/Appearances
  37. User:Gamer4life56/Finning is Everything/Appearances
  38. User:Gamer4life56/Inspector Turner/Appearances
  39. User:Gamer4life56/Crock the Code/Appearances
  40. User:Gamer4life56/Fairly OddFinale/Appearances

Favorite Characters

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