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About me

Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm a HUGE Cartoon Lover, I love Invader ZIM and Fairly OddParents! I don't care what anybody says but Poof is the cutest thing eva! I think Nickelodeon should go back to cartoons and not live-action shows like iCarly and Power Rangers.

I have a Youtube Channel, Flamefur1001 going on my 50th subber and I only had this channel for a year how cool is that!!?? I can draw cats and when I get lucky Zim, see my art on my youtube.

Judging by my Username, Flamefur1001, I love Warriors by Erin Hunter. They are books about cats living in clans and trying to survive, Go look it up, cuz you will love them!!!

IMA FIRING MAH LAZAH!!!!! ~ Flame Out :3

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